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Ardisons Associates

Manufacturers Of Distribution and Power Transformers

A complete solution for power distribution.

Ardisons has state of the art storage facility which rolls out 1500 transformers every month.

The manufacturing sheds occupy a total covered area of aprox. 47925 sq foot. The Plant has designed for optimal material and work flow, and integrated manufacturing operations with separate bays for different transformers. Ardisons has a manufacturing capacity of approx 1500 transformer.

The Ardions plant is one of the most modern and aesthetic transformer plants in North India. Key features of this plant include:

1. Dust free environment: The factory environment including the interior & exterior planning ensure minimal dust inside the shop floors. Further measures like air conditioned winding shops are being created for winding of high voltage transformer windings in a sanitised area. All winding and assembly areas are further provided with epoxy flooring which further aids in reduction of ambient

2. Well planned material movement: The factory has been scientifically designed to ensure minimum loss of efficiency on account of movement of raw materials. Specially designed rail tracks & causeways ensure minimum time spent on movement of raw material as well as the least possible exposure to the environment

3. Adequate material handling facilities: With cranes ranging from 7.5 T to 13.0 T capacity, the plant has capability for handling loads upto 100 T weight. In addition air castors are being procured for easy movement of power transformers during assembly.

4. Fully functional material testing laboratory: In order to have a high degree of control on the inputs going into the transformers a fully functional Material testing laboratory is being set up which will have the capability to conduct all required tests on critical raw material being used in the transformers

5. Superior testing facilities: The testing facilities at Ardisons are world-class. Each manufacturing area has independent test facilities with the most modern instrumentation. Computerised test benches are used reduce human intervention and provide the necessary confidence to our customers.

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